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Ninja Brawl 2.0

Have you heard about the assassins of the night? Feel like one with Ninja Brawl
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Have you ever heard about the assassins of the night? The silent ninjas. The legend tells the story of ninjas being trained to be invisible, if you want to have the adventure of your life, Ninja Brawl will be perfect for you.

The story begins in a small village, where our character finds himself surrounded by several enemies, his duty is to annihilate them. As each enemy dies it will leave gold behind for us to pick it up, with this gold we will later be able to buy items and weapons.

The controls are very simple, to attack just press the keys A and S, jump with the space bar and throw bombs using the W key which will help you to easily defeat all your enemies. The E key is used to recover your health if you have enough items, of course, and the ESC/P key will pause the game, your favorite key will be D because with it you throw your mortal ninja stars.

Our character despite of being a ninja, an assassin in the dark, he's not so bad, since his true mission is to release the villagers who were captured by the enemies. This game will definitely keep you very well entertained for a while, learn to use the many weapons and remember to unlock special items by collecting as much gold as you're able to.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Incredibly entertaining
  • Easy to play


  • May not be suitable for small kids
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